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Sunday, 8 May 2016

Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program

How does Clixten work?


How does Clixten work?

Clixten is a PTC program and its work just like other PTC , You will get paid for viewing advertisements doing offers , mini jobs e.t.c and also earnings from Referrals . In this program you cant open more then 1 advertisement at same time . With clicking ads you are not going to earn so much but the main earnings in PTC program is Referrals no matter Direct referrals or Rented referrals . You get Direct referrals when someone directly signup under you and rented referrals are those which you take on rent from clixten company Lets come to strategies Here are some strategy Idescribe just pick the one which suit you best .

Starting From Scratch:(0 Investment strategy)

You can start this strategy but I don’t recommend this to anyone cause it take alto of time to reach a earning level .
  1. Click 5+ ads a day until you reach balance of $2.00 it took you (4 x $0.002) = 250 Days to Reach $2.
  2. Now its time to rent some referrals , rent 10 referrals cost $1.50
  3. wait some days and rent referrals again and again also you can do offers and mini jobs to increase you balance when you reached 100 or 200 referrals now save some money and go for golden membership
  4. then rent more and more referrals until you or on profit of $50 per day now stop and cash-out
that’s itSo why it is not recommended. Because It took a lot of time but after when you have 10 Rented referrals the process speed up , and every time when you rent more you are speeding up process more Pros:The best thing about this strategy is it doesn’t cost any $$$$ Cons:The bad thing about this strategy is It took you alot of time to earning daily profit like this $$


Investment Strategy: Ok so here is the strategy I used every time What I do is
  1. Invest $15 + then rent 100 Referrals
  2. then I repeat this step until i get to limit of renting referrals of standard account like 200 referrals or 300 referrals This process took me 2 to 3 weeks because you have to wait 7 days onece you rent some referrals
  3. After that I save some money from which RRs make or combine the money of my RRs and my own money and get a golden membership
  4. After that I make back all of money I invested within a month or 1.5 month you will also get you investment back if you can keep average of 2 of clicking ads of referrals .
  • Pros:The best thing about this strategy is it dosen’t take time only 2 or 3 month and you are ready to make profit.
  • Cons:Bad thing is Investment is needed
Putting Everything into Perspective: Lets say
  1. If you have 1000 Referrals and also a upgrade membership
  2. you referrals click 2 or more ads/day
  3. you income is (1000 * 2 * 0.005) = $10/day /$280 Monthly
But if you are able to find some good direct referrals then you earnings is more then $280 monthly because you will get $50 per referral if he or she upgraded his account onClixten.

Big Money Strategy

This Strategy which I am going to tell you is for peoples who want to earn something big by investing a lot of money . Lets start
  1. Register and create an account.
  2. Click standard ads everyday and Rent 100 Referrals which will cost you $15
  3. Also start to advertise you link on inter to get direct referrals
  4. Upgrade you account for $80 and Rent a pack of 150 Referrals
  5. Now when you have 1 month past start buying direct referrals
  6. Maintain you average of 1.2 to remain in profit
  7. Once you click 100 ads it shows in you account dashboard Upgrade to Ultimate
  8. Ultimate membership cost you $800.
  9. Buy 300 packs of rented referrals until you get to 10,000 referrals.
  10. Now maintain you average and also turn auto pay on .
  11. If you don’t wanted to turn auto pay on then extend you RRs for 90 days cause it will give you 20% discount
  12. Now its time to cash out Cash out you money slowly slowly and also maintain you referrals it can take you 3 month to recover back you investment
  13. After these 3 moth you are now in pure profit just sit back and relax cause you are now making $1000 pure profit per month

you can join me on  
Site Name Per Click Ref Click Ads No. Payout
Site name How much pay per click How much pay per referral click number of ads available Minimum amount need to request payment
Neobux $0.02 $0.01 9+ $2
The best PTC ever! I already earned more than $12000 USD and I spend less than $500 to reach this profit! Neobux have many income ways like adprize, ptc ads, offers and jobs. Payments are always instant. Neobux pay by Payza, Paypal and Neteller.
Payments Received: 35

Site Name Per Click Ref Click Ads No. Payout
Site name How much pay per click How much pay per referral click number of ads available Minimum amount need to request payment
Clixsense $0.02 $0.01 40+ $8
ClixSense has been online and paying since February 2007. Clicxsense have a 6 level downline system. In clixsense members can earn by ptc ads, clixgrid, offers and jobs. Payments are sent 2 times a week, members always receive payments in maximum 5 days.
Payments Received: 17

Site Name Per Click Ref Click Ads No. Payout
Site name How much pay per click How much pay per referral click number of ads available Minimum amount need to request payment
Beruby $0.02 $0.02 30+ $02
Share Up To 110 % - 10% Affiliate Program
Payments Received: 4


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